It's Stéphane from France!

I've started this personal website as a blog a few years ago. Even I don't blog too often, it's better than nothing, right? It takes time to write them down (or I am a slow writer), to ensure the quality and depth is acceptable.

Optimism is an essential ingredient of innovation. How else can the individual welcome change over security, adventure over staying in safe place. —Robert N. Noyce (Intel)

TLDR: I have worked as a Software Engineer, doing Front-end and Back-end (Java, .NET, JS), then Data Engineer (Scala, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, Google Cloud Platform). In 2018, I decided to be self-employed, doing freelance and consultant work mostly related to Kafka & data engineering, because I love data! I also worked as technical & functional architect because I also love learning the business part so I can make the link between different teams.

Read more about how I work and checkout my LinkedIn.

Optimist, enthousiast, and always eager to learn.
I love Scala and functional programming. I'm hanging out on the gitter scala/fr if you need help.
I love startups, technology, science, software engineering.
I love reading on the web. I saved most of what I read here: sderosiaux/every-single-day-i-tldr. More than 3000 links, yikes.
I've also started to read real books since a tweet of Neha Narkhede (Co-founder and CTO of Confluent) answering to Patrick Collison (CEO of Stripe).
Seriously, checkout this tweet. Thanks to both of them, I keep adding books to my Books I Will Read list when I stumbled upon some interesting references. I still have around 80 books still to buy and read! One book at a time. You can check it out and offer me one if you're nice!

I'm fluent in French (native) and English (I guess so).
I love running and travelling to hike and find geocaches all over the world.
I love old games, fitness, DDR (and Stepmania!), cooking (paleo!)
I love my cats and my wife.
I love photography. I have a reflex since a few years, and I love playing with Adobe Lightroom to make the best of my photos. You can check some of my work on Instagram.
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